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Kay + Rishi

Kay and Rishi’s wedding featured:

  • Two ceremonies

  • A groom-welcoming dance party at 8:30am

  • Arrival of the groom on the traditional adult razor scooter

  • A stunning Hindu ceremony

  • New BFF flower girls stealing groom's shoes and demanding copious amounts of cash for said shoes

  • Two dresses

  • Two suits

  • Flower girl poetry 

  • Photographers crying behind cameras during flower girl poetry

  • Tear jerking, side splitting vows

  • Two phenomenal meals

  • Second dance party of the day

It’s difficult to sum up this day because SO. MUCH. Happened. It was a blast to be a part of this all day love fest. Thank you Kay and Rishi for allowing us to be a part your wedding! It was one of our favorite days in 2018.

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