The Commoneer
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Philosophy of The Commoneer

We photograph weddings for a living, but here's the thing... we're kind of anti-wedding wedding photographers.

Rest assured, WEDDINGS ARE THE BOMB, but it boils down to this: we're tired of seeing personality being taken from weddings because of the idea of what weddings today "should be."

Our two cents... save the extravagance for your honeymoon or new home; your wedding being a reflection of the two of you is what will last. After all, everyone will be gathered together in your parent's backyard* to celebrate one thing: the two of you committing to a life together. And that's a really fantastic thing.

Focus on what's important to you, and we'll make sure you remember it for good.

*or anywhere on earth

We're Katie and Adam. We were married on a chilly day in September and live in Harrisonburg with Rudy the Beagle, who is obviously our 30-year-olds-without-kids prized companion.

Formerly photographers with The Pinwheel Collective, weddings have been our weekends for the past six years. It's an honor to be part of this crazy day, and we're so happy to do it alongside you, cheering you on.